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 This is our speciality... 
Marketing for good is one of our favourite things to do. Whether you are a small charity without a marketing budget or a large team and you need some support to get started, or a national non-profit organisation looking to rejuvenate your rumble, we can help. We have over a decade of experience in charity marketing and communications.
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We believe that by listening to your stakeholders you can make a real difference in the world and we would love to be by your side as you do.
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 How we can help... 
  • Gathering the lived experience of your stakeholders so you can really meet the needs of those you support
  • Developing a marketing strategy that meets your overall strategic aims and objectives, embeds your core values and brings your charity's ethos to the fore
  • Creating or refreshing your brand so it has your key messages at its heart and all your staff and supporters understand it
  • Supporting you to develop practical planning approaches to managing your marketing activities going forward
  • Supporting you to truly embrace accessibility and ensure it shines through in all your marketing and communications 
 Acing accessibility 
Accessible and inclusive communications are priorities for us and we believe they should be for all businesses. The Office for Disability Issues in the UK estimates there are over 11 million people with a long term illness, impairment or disability in Great Britain. Don't miss out on reaching as many people as possible just because of your font or imagery.
We can help you align your brand to accessibility standards, from using plain English to creating alternative formats and ensuring you can make the business case for being inclusive. 
 The social model of disability 
Just like elephants, we're pretty sociable. But more than that, at Never Forget Marketing we believe in the social model of disability. 
The social model of disability is a way of looking at what we can change in society to make things easier for people with a disability.
The model says that people are disabled by barriers they may face and that by removing these barriers we can create equality and offer people with disabilities more choice, control and independence. We do not support the medical model of disability, which looks at what is 'wrong' with a person, rather than what a person needs. 

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