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5 random acts of kindness you can do today

On Wednesday 17 February 2021, the world celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day. It's a lovely idea, to showcase the many small ways we can have an impact in this world through random acts of kindness.

To help spread this positivity, here's my top 5 random acts of kindness you can do today...

  1. Send some snail mail. I personally love receiving things in the post - it is such a nice surprise. You could brighten someone's day with just the cost of a stamp (I know, they are pretty pricey!)

  2. Pick up the phone. Not spoken to someone for ages? Get chatting and make someone's day

  3. Leave a tip. Next time you order food why not leave a tip for your delivery driver? I feel as though I personally know the Deliveroo drivers in my area now, we see each other so often - might be giving up takeaways for Lent!

  4. Take time out. Self-kindness is really important too. Set aside 30 minutes today to do something that is purely fun or relaxing

  5. Make a donation. Whatever cause is close to your heart, make a donation - no matter how big or small, it will make a difference. Of course I cannot include this without a shameless plug for my chosen charity, Be Kind Movement - visit their website to find out more about their fantastic work!

Whatever you do, remember that kindness matters. Every single random act of kindness has the power to change someone's life. Amazing isn't it!?!


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