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6 Top tips for 2020 marketing

I recently attended a networking event and was asked about my top tips for 2020 in terms of marketing success. It's always tough to give advice like this as the landscape changes so often, but there are some key tips which I think apply to all businesses, no matter how big or small. So, here's my tuppence worth...

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  1. Get started! It can feel overwhelming at first, but you won't know how marketing can work for you unless you try

  2. Consider your costs. This includes the very expensive cost of your time...there is no such thing as 'free social media', but there are creative ways of utilising what is already out there to get the most for your money

  3. Avoid the bandwagons. There is quite a lost of hashtag fatigue at the moment, so don't jump on #NationalPizzaDay unless you genuinely have something related to say about it! Also, there are always shiny new channels like TikTok coming along, and it's lots of fun to test them out, but if you have limited time and budget focus on what works well for you and resist the fads

  4. Keep an eye on trends. Voice search is fast becoming the thing to focus on. According to a recent publication from Yext, the use of voice-enabled speakers will grow by 130% in the next year. That's pretty big and something to keep in your mind as you write copy for your website or create advertisements. It's also worth keeping up to date with what is happening with Artificial Intelligence

  5. Be brave. You cannot break the internet (although I accept no liability if you actually do!) and there is always another print-run in the future for traditional marketing. If you care about your company and how you can help your clients, let this shine through in your marketing efforts, online and offline

  6. Finally, my biggest top tip which I think is probably a universal, timeless tip for anyone working in marketing and communications, is evaluate, evaluate then evaluate some more. Measurement is great, but you have to review the data and gain real insights that will help you learn, develop and grow

I hope this is useful and if you need any support, just get in touch!

Happy new year!


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