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Branding guidelines - the basics

Branding is the practice of getting people to think or feel a certain way about your company. A good brand delivers clear messaging, makes sure people know you are credible and generates trust. If you have a great brand, other people will talk about you in the way you want them to - they will reflect your values back to you.

So, how do you create guidelines for your staff and stakeholders so everyone is singing the same tune? I believe that the best brand guidelines include some essential ingredients, so here's my list of the basics...

What to include...

  • The principles that guide your brand - do you value creativity above all else? Or perhaps accessibility is at the heart of your brand? Whatever principles you use to share your brand every day, include them in your guidelines

  • The unique factors that make your company what it is - your vision and mission

  • Key messages - these are useful sentences that describe what you do and how you do it

  • Talking the talk - this is your tone of voice and terminology you use regularly

  • The look - this is your logo, colour palette, acceptable imagery you use and your visual style

  • Writing style - this is your font, how you spell certain words and details about formatting numbers or when you use capital letters. You can include an example here of how writing should appear on different channels (for example, a letter or a blog)

  • Contact details - always include contact details for your marketing or communications team at the end of your brand guidelines

I hope you have found this useful, and if you would like support with branding, just get in touch!


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