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Bringing a charity brand to life - a Case Study

A couple of months ago, I had a call from Yvette about refreshing the brand of a small local charity. Essex Carers Support was set up in 1992 to offer support and information to unpaid carers across North Essex.

As the pandemic hit the UK, Essex Carers Support realised that their website needed some love and their brand may not be as appealing digitally as it is in 'real life'. So, here's what we did...

Brand refresh

This included a new logo design, refreshing the colour palette and enhancing accessibility.

We designed several new logos and then adapted them based on feedback from the charity staff to reach our final design.

We also changed the font to a more accessible one and moved away from block capital headings to make them easier to read. We didn't want to jar the charity's existing clients with a whole new colour palette so we retained the orange and black, but brightened these up and added in just one new additional colour.

A new website

We built a new website for the charity. Key considerations for this stage were budget and also ease of use. It was important for the charity to be able to maintain the website themselves going forward, so a simple platform was needed. We built the site to reflect the old structure and navigation, adding in pages where needed (for example, a 'Meet the Team' section) to show the personality of the charity a bit more.

A content re-write

Once the website was built, the content needed to reflect the charity's values and tone. We re-wrote all of the content, adding in keywords and ensuring search engine optimisation was a primary focus for each page. We linked up social media platforms and added in visually appealing imagery where needed.

What Yvette says...

"Yes... of course I'll give you a hand with your website, yes, no problem..."
Thus began my conversation with Laura. Essex Carers Support's website had become tired and underused and particularly with COVID restrictions we were finding that our digital offer needed to be improved - and quickly.  There followed a painless content review, a quick refresh of our logo and branding and WOOOSH! as if by magic the job was done.  
Something that had been on the 'too hard' pile for too long was all sorted and we had an all singing, all dancing, gorgeous looking new website. But don't take my word for it - have a look for yourselves at www.essexcarerssupport.org.uk!

Essex Carers Support now have a brand that truly reflects their values and will appeal to more people searching for the charity digitally.

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