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Christmas communications top tips

The holidays are most definitely coming and as we near the festive period most marketing teams will have sewn up their communications to cover the Christmas break.

But what do you do if you're stretched for time and need to come up with a plan quickly?

Here's my top tips to make sure everything runs smoothly...

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule - using platforms like Hootsuite and Mailchimp are an excellent way of keeping your brand alive in people's minds while your office is closed. Schedule a 'Merry Christmas!' message on Twitter and Facebook for Christmas Day and possibly send out a reminder email between Christmas and New Year about when you will be re-opening in January

  • Share your opening hours - it's important that your customers know what days you will be closed for Christmas. You can use your social media covers to advertise your opening hours and also add a reminder to the homepage of your website

  • Signpost people to the next best thing - if you are closed during Christmas but people can still order online, let them know! If you are a charity, signpost people to online support or let them know about the Samaritans so they can contact someone if they need to talk

  • Don't forget offline - sometimes we are so caught up in the digital world we forget about the actual physical world! Remember to add a clear sign to your premises if you will be closed over the break and let people know about final posting dates for deliveries

  • Get the first day back sorted - one thing that will save you panicking in the new year is having a clear content plan for January - you can even schedule some posts in advance to make the first couple of days back a little easier

  • Switch off - it's OK! People expect you to take a break over Christmas so make sure everything is in place then switch off. To avoid any surprises in the new year you can always have a rota of staff to check in on social media during the holidays, but unless there is an emergency, take the time to relax and you will come back refreshed in 2020!

I would love to know if you have any tricks for managing communications over holiday period - come say hello on Twitter and let me know your ideas!


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