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Christmas marketing checklist

As the festive seasons draws ever closer, it is time to get your marketing prepared for December and beyond.

Here's my top tips for what needs to be on your Christmas list...

Consider your messaging

This year has been extremely difficult, there is no denying it. So, how will you be sharing your messaging this Christmas? It's something to consider now and plan your tone. Empathy and authenticity are vital, listen to your stakeholders and understand how they are feeling right now, then tailor your messaging accordingly.

Publish your opening hours

Most businesses shut down at some point over the holidays, so let your customers and clients know in advance when this will be. Don't wait until December to tell people you will be closed from next week!

Create your Christmas mailing list

Whether you are sending physical Christmas cards or an e-shot to wish your stakeholders a safe and happy holiday, now is the time to ensure you have your mailing list all sorted. Check the information you have is correct (especially if you are using a list from last year) and print your labels / print your cards / design your e-card. If you are sending an e-shot, remember your data must be GDPR compliant.

Plan January communications

The last thing you want to be thinking about on 02 January 2021 is what your first tweet of the year should be. So, plan your first week of communications for when you return to work. This could be as simple as scheduling a 'Happy New Year' post on Hootsuite. It is also important to allocate a chunk of time at the end of January so you can review all of your analytics and feedback from 2020, to give you as much insight as possible to move forward.

Signpost to places of support

If you are a charity, this is especially important. If you are shutting for the Christmas period, what support is available for your stakeholders? You could signpost to the Samaritans or publish a list of online forums. It's just important to remember that the people you help may need somewhere to turn to over the festive period when you are closed.

Don't forget to celebrate

This Christmas will be like no other. I for one will be celebrating a little differently, however it's important to remember why it matters to you. Despite all that has happened in 2020, your marketing should reflect your brand at all times, and if that brand is positive it's OK to have some fun as well. You can still be mindful of others while bringing some cheer to your marketing.


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