• Laura May

Communications top tips during Coronavirus

At the moment, charities across the UK are facing a wave of fear and concern about the COVID-19 virus and what that may mean. Throughout this time, it's really important that charities keep communicating.

Using clear, concise language and sticking to the facts will help the people you support stay updated.

Here's my top tips for communicating during Coronavirus, I hope you find them helpful...

  • Use Plain English and simple language

  • Avoid ALL CAPITALS - they are difficult for some people to read

  • Keep stakeholders informed of how they can keep updated with your news and if you need to publish regular updates, let audiences know when you'll be doing this and where

  • Don't forget to communicate with staff and volunteers

  • If you have a case of Coronavirus, implement your PR crisis plan and your Business Continuity plan immediately

  • Keep listening to the news, your stakeholders and your staff

  • Ask for help if you need it. Sometimes all the planning in the world doesn't make a difference if you just need some quick advice or support

  • Be kind. Some people may be affected worse than others and sometimes, you will feel the brunt of this. Try to be kind and remember it's not personal, it's just a horrible situation

Wishing everyone well at this time. If you need any support please do get in touch.


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