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Creating surveys that work

So, you want to gain some insights and figure out how to improve? Running a survey is a great way to encourage engagement, but it's important to take the time to create a survey that will give you enough data to help you make decisions. Here's my top tips...

Keep it short and sweet

Most people simply do not have time to fill in lengthy surveys. Keep your survey to a limited number of questions, and keep those questions concise and to the point. By using an online survey tool like Survey Monkey, you can include a variety of questions to keep it interesting too.

Don't ask leading questions

Try to be neutral in your wording, so you don't lead people to answer a certain way. You don't want to influence the answers in any way - this will lead to biased results.

Give people negative options

Always offer balanced options for questions - it's important to include negative responses such as 'poor' or 'very unhelpful' so you can learn what areas need improvement.

Be clear with questions

What one thing do you want to know by asking a question? Keep this in mind when asking each question and limit your focus to one area of your business only. For example, if you ask people for their feedback on your website design, do not ask them for feedback about the content in the same question.

Do you need open-ended feedback?

If you ask people to comment after a question or leave open-ended feedback, remember that the answers need to be analysed just like any data. This provides rich insights but is a lot more time-consuming. Consider including open-ended questions carefully and limit how many times you include them.

Keep engagement going afterwards

This may seem obvious, but it's really important that you continue to engage with people after a survey has finished. Thank your audiences for being involved, share the results if you are able to and let people know how their opinions have made a difference.

By undertaking a survey you are actively engaging with your audiences. By giving you their time, respondents are helping your business and it's great if you can gather feedback regularly (although beware of survey fatigue!)

If you would like any support with engagement, surveys or market research, just get in touch!


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