• Laura May

From 'campaign' to 'conversation'

One question I get asked regularly about running a marketing campaign is whether you can just 'let it run' once it's live. The short answer is, no.

Depending on what your objectives are for a particular campaign, you will be looking to achieve different things. But for every campaign, your goal should be to move towards having conversations with your audiences.

This is the essence of engagement, the key ingredient that means the difference between a good marketing campaign and a great one.

Engagement describes the varied ways in which the activity and benefits of your organisation can be shared. Engagement is by definition a two-way process, involving interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit.

Open, two-way conversations should be in your mind throughout the campaign planning process. By keeping engagement as a high priority at all times, you can demonstrate accountability, showcase your values and build trust. Instead of ticking a box, you can really show that you are an organisation that values the insights and experiences of your audiences and responds.

Engagement doesn't stop with your external stakeholders either. You need to practice the same ways of speaking and listening within your company too. Long gone are the days when a campaign can be delivered solely by the marketing team. Now, all business functions can support campaigns and champion your brand.

Get people excited about starting a conversation. Demonstrate how listening to stakeholders has an impact on service delivery, fundraising income, internal communications. Celebrate! It is only in this way that engagement can be championed and truly embraced across your organisation.

Listening to the people who matter really does matter. It makes such a difference to the quality of your communications and marketing if you can truly engage with your stakeholders. But more than that, it makes your marketing valuable to the whole organisation.


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