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GP Practice Suicide Intervention Training video - a Case Study

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Earlier this year I was approached by the fantastic team at Mid and North East Essex Mind about creating a short video all about GP Practice Suicide Intervention Training, aimed at GPs across the country. The charity really wanted to show the value of this training while also approaching the subject matter with the sensitivity it merits.


I drafted a storyboard of my idea and developed a script from this to give to a film company. The storyboard included camera direction, sound effects and visual effects with the aim of achieving a powerful promotional video at the end. It was important to consider accessibility and branding at every stage of the planning.

We decided to work with Big Picture Charity Films, a fantastic organisation that always delivers engaging, dynamic, beautiful films. Then we briefed our actors, safety-checked the venue (we had to undertake socially distanced filming of course!) and begun creating our video.

The video

What the client says...

“Working with Laura May at Never Forget Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. Very professional approach to creating a short video to promote our vital training for GP Practices. We are delighted with the end result and will look forward to working with Laura again.”
- Julie Arthur, Corporate Fundraising Manager, Mid and North East Essex Mind

Thank you to everyone involved in producing this video!

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