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How to write a Christmas campaign plan

It may feel early to begin planning your Christmas campaign, but for charities and small businesses the holiday season is a time to really spread your message and reach out to people. So, here's my top tips for getting started...

Look back

Have a look at your marketing metrics from October - December 2020. Did you see a spike on Facebook? Did you allocate some budget to an advert that increased traffic to your website? Was Twitter very quiet?

Reflecting on last year will help you set clear, realistic objectives for 2021 and give you a benchmark to aim for.

Write it down

Create a short plan and outline your objectives. Do you want to reach new audiences? Do you want to tie-in with the Giving Tuesday campaign?

Whatever you want to achieve, write it down and include the following:

  • Your objectives and why they matter (they should align to your overall marketing strategy)

  • Timeline of activities (think about which channels need managing throughout the campaign)

  • A list of the resources needed (this could be anything from social media posts to a video - what will you need to bring your campaign to life?)

  • How you will evaluate the activities (what metrics matter? How will you measure them?)

Pick a message

You cannot be all things to all people. Whatever your Christmas campaign says, it must have a focus. If your brand is positive and colourful, have fun and be merry. If you would like to share a serious message, think about the tone and delivery and make sure all of your channels reflect that.

Get people involved

Your Christmas campaign needs to inspire the people you work with before it inspires your stakeholders. Consider ways to get your staff involved throughout the organisation so that when the time arrives, the messaging you share is genuine.

Whatever you are planning for this year, I hope you enjoy formulating a campaign that reaches people and makes a difference.

If you would like any help planning your 2021 Christmas campaign, just get in touch!


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