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How to write an amazing e-newsletter

I recently hosted a Copywriting Masterclass for charity professionals and something that we kept coming back to was e-newsletters. How long should they be? How often should they be sent out? What measurements tell us if an e-newsletter is effective?

Well, the answers will probably be unique for your organisation, but I believe we could all use some basic guidelines for writing amazing e-newsletters. Based on my experience, here's my top tips...and if you need any more support, do get in touch.

Good luck!

Your subject line matters

Your subject line matters - a lot. I like to ask people a question in the subject line and always keep it positive - for example, I might use 'Do you want to write amazing e-newsletters?'. I usually leave this until the end of drafting an e-newsletter.

Keep the important information at the top

What is the single most important thing to say? Is there a priority action you want readers to take? Keep this in the introduction, and keep that introduction to under 200 words. Also, make sure readers can 'click' on your header image, otherwise it just looks pretty.

Don't make it too long

If a reader needs to scroll more than once or twice to read your e-newsletter, it's too long. If the message is clipped at the bottom, it's way too long! I recommend having between 3 and 5 items in an e-newsletter, each one with no more than 100 - 200 words. The aim is to ask readers to take a measurable action (click, watch, follow) so keep it short and sweet.

Make it easy to take actions

Remember that your e-newsletter is 'live' - you can embed links or videos and encourage people to take actions. Use buttons to make calls to action really clear and always add alt text to your hyperlinks so people know where you're sending them.

Add some personality

e-newsletters, like other marketing channels, are not simply there to broadcast your news to audiences. It's about engaging with readers, building trust, sharing successes and updating people with important information. Don't be afraid to let your brand personality shine through - it's why readers have subscribed!


My next Copywriting Masterclass will be 12 August 2021 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, online via Microsoft Teams.

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