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Marketing Audit - special offer!

Taking a moment to breathe and take stock of your marketing can seem like an impossible task, especially when we are all so busy. But it's really important to ensure you replicate what works well and remove labour-intensive activities that are not achieving a great return on investment.

A great way to do this is to carry out a Marketing Audit. So, throughout August I am offering a special 20 percent discount on this very task!

For just £512, I will conduct a comprehensive audit of your activities, including:

  • Website review

  • Social media review (up to 4 channels)

  • e-communications review

  • Collateral review (your brochures / leaflets etc)

After the audit, you will receive a report detailing where you should focus your efforts, what is working really well and what can be improved. The report will give you an overview of each area and a list of recommendations for next steps, in order of priority.

Grab this Summer sizzling offer!

The offer runs throughout August and closes at midnight on Tuesday 31 August 2021.


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