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NCVO free resources for charities

At the moment, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) is offering all of its member-only resources for free to everyone. As someone who has worked in the charity sector for many years, I highly rate these resources.

Visit the resources page

So, what do they cover? Well, in short, every aspect of running a great charity. Here's a quick summary of the areas in their resources section...

  • Board of Trustees information

  • Human resources

  • Legal issues

  • Finance

  • Planning and strategy

  • Risk management

  • Assessing your impact

  • Building a digital workforce

  • Volunteer management

Perhaps more useful than the information itself are the templates and free samples offered on the website. NCVO also have a great online tool called 'Trusted Charity essentials' which is a free basic health check you can do to see how your organisation is performing and identify areas for improvement.

Visit the NCVO Knowhow website today.


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