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New White Paper explores selling content to clients

In a new White Paper, Danielle Haley from Indy Consultancy explores how content creators can sell their services to clients. Aimed at web design agencies, marketing agencies and brand consultants, the paper is called 'How to sell web content to your clients: Tips, tricks and insights to help you increase your agency’s content offering' and is filled with useful information and insights.

Danielle, who established Indy Consultancy after a successful SEO career, is a creative copywriter.

In the White Paper, Danielle discusses how content and copy are not the same thing and how to approach selling both to your clients. Clear explanations of the different types of copywriting begin the paper, followed by a breakdown of the 5 main barriers that stop clients from investing in copywriting. Including example client profiles and solutions, the paper looks at ways to overcome these barriers and the benefits of working with a professional copywriter.

For me, however, the real value of this paper lies towards the end of the document. The processes involved in hiring a professional are described in detail and the paper includes helpful ideas about what to include in contracts and outlines different payment terms you can use.

If you are an agency professional, I would recommend reading this paper. I hope you find it as useful as I did!

Read the White Paper today

For more information about Indy Consultancy, visit their website.


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