• Laura May

Report shines a light on mental health

I am thrilled to share a recent project report with you - the Voice Exchange.

In December 2020, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust commissioned Healthwatch Central West London to begin a listening project. And the Voice Exchange was born!

Over the course of 2021, I had the honour of listening to people with lived experience of mental health services across the bi-borough. The aim was to identify what underlying fundamental principles will be needed for future mental health provision.

We found that existing services often do not work for the people who need them, or for the people working within the provision. Five key themes were identified during the Voice Exchange: Compassion; accountability; engagement; continuity; and humanity.

Thank you to Healthwatch Central West London for the opportunity to run this project - it's such a unique way of engaging people and capturing lived experience. I can't wait for the next steps!

This project and report is credited to Healthwatch Central West London. Never Forget Marketing acted as an independent consultant to deliver the project on their behalf.

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