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Restarting the shimmy - a Case Study

Earlier this year, Love You Burlesque were bringing together women across the country to embrace their beautiful bodies and shimmy. A well-designed website and consistent social media meant that their marketing messaging was being heard.

Then the pandemic arrived. Suddenly, venues were closing, classes had to move online and morale was low. But despite everything, Lizzie and Bitsy, the Love You Burlesque owners, knew that now more than ever body positivity should be championed.

So when Love You Burlesque approached me to help them rejuvenate their rumble, I couldn't resist. It is so important in today's world for every woman, of every size and shape, to feel empowered to shimmy and express themselves.

What we did

Firstly, we looked at everything that was already happening. There is no need to completely start afresh when you may have some amazing marketing assets that just need refining. I carried out an audit of all marketing channels and reviewed what was working and what could be improved.

Perhaps the most vital part of this project was a creative session we held to bring together the Love You Burlesque tutors, staff and volunteers. We explored just what Love You Burlesque means to people, the importance of body positivity and the reasons everyone involved began their dancing journey. Only by igniting the passion and commitment of the team, would we be able to deliver any future marketing success.

Finally, we brought this all together to outline our next steps, which involved creating a three month content plan for each channel and establishing a reporting system so we could measure success.

What the client says...

We started working with Laura in the summer. It was post lock down and our dance classes had just started to get back on their feet. We knew we needed an injection of energy with our marketing but didn’t really know where to start. To be honest it all felt very overwhelming!
Laura really took the time to get to know our business and our brand so she could make the most of our marketing strategy. She walked us through it step by step and really took the time to explain the ‘why’ of what she was doing and how it would benefit our business. All of a sudden the marketing began to feel achievable and even better we started seeing immediate results! Laura really knows her stuff and took the time to build our confidence up so we could take it on in the future. The content planner that she provided for us was easy to use and broke everything down into bite sized sections.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Never Forget Marketing whatever size of your business. Laura was really easy to work with and will give you the confidence to make your marketing bespoke to you and your customers.

Would you like to rejuvenate your rumble?

Get in touch by emailing me today or call me on 07568 398908. I'm here to help.


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