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So what are key messages?

In the last blog, we looked at what exactly Brand Purpose is. Now, we are going to look at putting that into action by creating Key Messages.

When I qualified as a teacher I had two CVs. One was for teaching applications and the other was for part-time work in between. I essentially had sets of key messages for each set of potential employers.

Key messages are vital for any business or organisation. They are a means to control directly what you want your market to understand about you and your business.

So what are key messages?

  • Key messages are essentially the important information you want your consumer /audience to understand and remember.

  • These are four to five sentences that represent what your business or charity stands for.

  • These act as the foundations for your branding and should be used throughout all your marketing and branding.

  • It is an opportunity to define and clarify information.

  • They should be concise, simple and tailored for your consumer/audience.

One of our key messages is that ‘we believe every charity should have marketing that is memorable.’ Now what is our business called? What is known for having an excellent memory (hint; see our logo for both answers)? This is an example of how your brand purpose and key messages should resonate throughout your business.

Laura and myself do offer ‘why’ sessions. This is a sixty minute meeting where we discuss your business or charity. After the meeting, you will be sent five to six sentences as key messages to reflect your brand purpose.

Any questions then feel free to email me or find me on LinkedIn.

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