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Social media best practice training

I am delighted to announce my encore for 2021!

With Community360, I will be delivering a training session on best practices for social media on 08 December.

Some take to social media like a duck to water - other’s not so much. This is especially true in the charity sector. This two-hour online session will cover the best social media practices so that you can learn to embrace various channels and not to fear them. Learn to build and enjoy improving your engagement whilst keeping your audiences safe.

We will be covering;

  • How to develop clear social media objectives to stay on track

  • Principles of best practice when using social media

  • How to create guidelines and empower your team to use social media in the best way

  • How to deal with difficult social media posts and resolve issues quickly

Social media is vital for every charity now. Learn how you and your team can truly benefit from building your online presence and see the advantages of implementing the best practices on social media.

When? Wednesday 08 December 2021, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where? Online, via Microsoft Teams

How to book


Oh! What’s this!? A testimony?

“Laura has an informed but informal style encouraging people to ask questions. The two hours was packed full of information with not one second going to waste. Excellent value for money and time.”

Excuse my modesty!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Social media best practice training display
Image describing course content


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