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Speed networking - will I get a match?

Yesterday I went into London and spent a very enjoyable evening ‘speed networking’ with charities from across the UK. Organised by the Media Trust, this unique event was a way for professionals (like me) to volunteer time and expertise to charities in a structured way, while also allowing volunteers and charities to ‘match’ if they would like to work together in the future.

It wasn’t that long ago that I would have been on the other side of the table, seeking guidance for the charity I was working at. I understand what it feels like to have the knowledge and passion to embed a great marketing strategy, but limited budget, resources or buy-in to do so.

It can be tough knowing where to begin, but beginning is important. No one person has all the answers. I was very impressed at how the Media Trust had orchestrated a chance to get lots of people into a room for a common aim. I feel it led to inspiring conversations and useful insights on both sides.

I believe that truly effective marketing and communications is led by passion and I was so thrilled to speak with genuinely passionate people last night.

Thank you to all the charities who attended, and of course all the volunteers who shared their knowledge.

I would strongly recommend that other marketing and communications professionals try it – just visit the Media Trust website to find out more about their volunteering opportunities.


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