• Laura May

Storytelling Workshop, July 2022

What's your story?

Why does your organisation exist?

What's the difference you make in the world?

Everyone has a story to tell. You. Me. Everyone. Businesses and charities are no different, but many of us struggle to share our story consistently and authentically. So, come along to my 1 hour workshop this month to learn more about storytelling, why you should bother and how to get started. There is no minimum fee - just pay what you like. All proceeds are being donated to Essex Carers Support, our charity of the year in 2022. Come and discover the true power of storytelling and why this is a must-do in your marketing! When? Monday 25 July, 2022 2pm - 3pm

Where? Virtually online, via zoom. How much? Pay what you like! You can just make a donation to our online fundraising page in aid of Essex Carers Support.

How to book Email me today to secure your place and receive the zoom invite.

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