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The four C's of branding

I have a particular passion for branding as I think it is so central to business success. Branding is a way of making people think and feel a certain way about you. It is what people say when you are out of the room!

I always like to keep in mind what I like to call 'the four C’s of branding', which I find really useful. I hope you do too...

  1. Clear. Consider what you are saying about your company and how. Make it clear, so people know exactly what you stand for and why they should work with you. Simple key messaging can help make this possible.

  2. Concise. You may have a thousand things to tell people about your products or work, but keep it brief and succinct, especially when using digital channels. Many customers are time-poor, so you need to reach them quickly and in a way that has impact

  3. Consistent. Do I find it boring using the same colours over and over again? Of course! But consistent branding is what makes it memorable and if you are always changing the way you look, write, behave or sound your brand will become forgettable or just simply confusing

  4. Controlled. In today's world it can be difficult to feel in control of many things, but your brand is something you can monitor and in a way, 'police'. You could have one person who signs off everything (this is the ideal) but at the very least, you could supply all your staff with a branding crib sheet. It may seem excessive, but if you want to achieve the first three C's of branding, this one will help a lot

A good brand cuts through the noise by reaching the right people, in the right way, at the right time. It’s more than just a logo and a colour palette – everything from how you answer the phone to how you smell could represent your brand, so it's worth investing some time in considering what makes you unique.

If you would like any help with branding, just get in touch.


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