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A reminder of the four C's of branding

I love branding! It is the way you speak, write and design to help people think and feel a certain way about your company.

When I am creating a new brand for a company or refreshing one, I always use the 'four C's of branding' as a baseline for how to embed the brand. Your brand is so much more than your colour palette and your logo, so it's important to always keep it in mind, no matter what products, services or campaigns you are delivering.

The four C's of branding

1. Clear

Nobody will ever complain that you made it too easy for them to grasp your brand. As a former English student, I love wordplay, puns and clever taglines. Yet when it comes to branding, I believe clarity trumps wit. Consider why your company exists and what you have to offer. Then create short, snappy key messages to reflect this. You want people to recognise your brand immediately and think or feel a certain way about it when they do.

2. Concise

Be brief! If it takes three paragraphs to explain what you do and why, you need to make it a bit more concise. The more succinct you can be, the better for your branding. This approach should be adopted in your writing and your speech.

3. Consistent

If you ever find yourself thinking 'our marketing materials are so boring, they all look the same' then don't worry, you're on the right track! As tempting as it can be to have 50 colours and several versions of your logo, try to avoid it. Consistency is key when it comes to branding. You want to create an enduring impression upon your target audiences, repeating your brand over and over until people recognise it straight away. One caveat to this is when you are an established brand, you can play and have fun with your brand - but try not to jar audiences too much.

4. Controlled

Ahh, to me this is the 'big C' of branding. Control is important in all aspects of marketing to ensure a return on investment (ROI) and accountability, but branding is something that can often slip through the net, as effectively everyone in your company will have a part to play in delivering it. Try to appoint one person to sign off all your marketing materials, or have a process in place to make sure a senior manager has sight of everything before it leaves the four walls of your office. It is no coincidence that many people I have worked with have said to me 'you are a bit of a control freak' - it's because everything that represents a company, from a poster to a presentation, has branding in it!

A good brand cuts through all the noise and reaches the right people, in the right way, at the right time. A great brand does this so well, for so long, that is able to completely reverse it's branding every now and again to create bespoke campaigns that grab even more attention.

If you need any support with your branding from Never Forget Marketing we are here to help! Just get in touch.


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