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The power of marketing

It's been a very strange few weeks as the Coronavirus has swept across the globe. Personally I have found it very scary and not a little disconcerting.

Yet it has been amazing to see the power of marketing. From sharing vital health updates to encouraging people to step outside for a neighbourhood clap in honour of our NHS services, the world has been connected somehow in a way that has not happened in a long time.

Digital channels have undoubtedly led the way. In my opinion, social media is offering the best coverage of COVID-19, both true and false news. Zoom and other video conferencing software has come to the fore to support businesses to keep working remotely. The whole situation has highlighted just how vital business continuity planning actually is.

It is also great to see digital ideas, like drawing a rainbow and putting it in your window, being translated into powerful offline action. I took a walk yesterday and spotted several rainbows. It really made my day!

So, why do I think this is all the power of marketing? Well, to me marketing is simply reaching the right people, in the right way, at the right time. The Coronovirus epidemic has generated interest on a mass scale, where the whole world needs to know key messages clearly, consistently and without jargon.

Not everyone has got it right all of the time. There has definitely been miscommunication over the past few weeks! But it is clear that governments and organisations across the world are working hard to reach people with the right messaging.

So, what will happen now? I'm afraid I do not know, but here are some useful resources which I hope you will find helpful during this difficult time. Do get in touch if you would like any free advice about your marketing activities.

Wishing you safe and well in the coming weeks.

Useful resources


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