• Laura May

What to include in your marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is the backbone of all the activities you undertake to reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Whether you focus your energies on social media growth or simply require clear brand guidelines, the strategy document is what pulls it all together.

So, what should be included in this document? Here's the essentials...

Sections to include

  • Analysis of the market you are operating in

  • Analysis of your current position

  • Your strategic marketing aims

  • Your key messages

  • Your implementation plan

  • How you will evaluate your marketing

  • Details of when you will review the marketing strategy document

I would recommend allocating a time frame to the strategy (I like three years, personally) and also consider who needs to be involved in delivering it, as these people will need to be invested in this document and understand your marketing aims.

I know that creating a marketing strategy can feel daunting - I remember the first time I wrote one and it was such a learning curve! Just remember that it is a living, breathing document that grows with you and your business. Nothing is ever set in stone - the marketing strategy is there to guide you and help you develop over time.

I wish you lots of luck!

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